Heart Screening Packages

Standard Package £125

Our standard package offers the basic level of heart screening using a heart electrocardiogram (ECG) and a specially designed questionnaire. You will also receive a measu...

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Advanced Package £500

The advanced package from Heart for Life provides state of the art cardiac screening using detailed ultrasound imaging of the heart (echocardiography), an electrocardiogr...

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Heart Rhythm Package £500

The Heart for Life heart rhythm package offers you a detailed assessment of your heart beat and rhythm. This is particularly helpful for patients with palpitations, giddi...

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Complete Package £850

The complete Heart for Life screening package offers you a comprehensive assessment of your heart's structure and rhythm. The tests can help diagnose structural abnormali...

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Our aim is to offer a comprehensive heart screening service to help diagnose unidentified heart disease and cardiac conditions.

The Heart for Life programme will help detect if you have heart conditions such as cardiomyopathy or heart rhythm abnormality.

Heart for Life use tests and procedures recommended by the American Heart Association, the European Society of Cardiology, the International Olympic Committee and FIFA.