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All screening tests have the potential to cause harm as they carry a risk of false results. A false negative result is when a person who does have the condition is put into the group of people who have a lower chance of having the condition. False negatives can provide false reassurance. A false positive is when a person who does not have the condition is put into the group of people who have an increased chance of having the condition. False positives can result in increased anxiety and referral for additional diagnostic tests. Although cardiac screening can be beneficial, no test can be a 100% guarantee of your future health. We recommend that you take your test results to your general practitioner or sports doctor for a full physical examination before competitive participation as there are some conditions that heart screening tests may not detect. Every step will be taken to minimise any false positives and false negative results. Heart for Life Ltd and its employees cannot be held responsible for any conditions that arise following normal investigations. There are some cardiac conditions that can disqualify you from certain activities and careers and that may have impact on insurance policies. This is clearly of particular importance for careers such commercial airline pilots, public vehicle drivers and professional divers. We recommend that you consider the impact of finding a cardiac abnormality carefully as we cannot accept responsibility for any subsequent financial loss or inconvenience due to the screening process.


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